Frankie Totino’s massages are more then just a normal massage they are an experience. When I first went to see Frankie I was having frequent back pain and limited movement in my shoulder. In just one hour he was able to loosen up my chest and back which corrected my posture. He was also able to increase the mobility in both my shoulders and legs. This message made be feel like a completely new person, I once again had full mobility in both my arms and I no longer had back pain through out the day. Without Frankie’s message I would not have been able to finish out the rugby season. As well as being a phenomenal message therapist, Frankie’s messages are also vary educational. He has a vast knowledge of the human body and every time I reserve a message he broadens my mind to the possibilities of the human body. As a nursing student it is extremely fascinating to learn about the natural ways of healing. I look forward to going to see him again when I come home, not only to relieve my back pain but to also have educated conversations about the material I have learned this semester.
— H. Bush | Syracuse, NY

My body is hardly a wonderland; at aged fifty-six, it’s more like a minefield. A dancer and acrobat in my youth and now a writer/editor sitting at the computer for days on end, massage is an essential part of my overall health care plan. Frank Totino of Hands of Healing Massage is a gifted massage therapist. His hands are strong, he is professional and very knowledgeable, and his heart is big. I recommend him wholeheartedly.
— D. Goemans | Syracuse, NY

When I had Frank as a massage therapist for the first time I was very impressed by his deep tissue massage. I’ve been getting regular massages for over 20 years as an athlete so I have high standards for massage. Frank not only meets those standards, but often exceeds them. He is attentive, experienced and really understands the needs of the athlete. I give him my highest recommendation.
The massage he offers is not one of those spa relaxation experiences—it’s the real deal. He pushes the toxins out of the muscles, releases the fascia, aligns the bones, and lets you know what you should work on in between sessions.
— M. Paratore | Syracuse, NY